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OP Factions Drop Party


EqlipseD Owner posted Jul 5, 15

For the first time in a long time we have a new rank!

This is going to be the most BADASS rank we have ever had! HA see what I did there?

This rank has all the features of the previous ranks, Member, Legend, and God but it also boasts some of its own new features that are sure to blow you away!

New Features will also be added to this rank as they come along!

Features of this rank are listed below:


EqlipseD Owner posted Jun 8, 15

Brand new GUI based trading plugin that supports Economy has now been installed! it is a very easy to use plugin!

To see the commands you have access to simply do /TRADE while in-game.

Here is a video that show the plugin in use: 

Server update:

EqlipseD Owner posted Jun 1, 15


There has been an issue for the past week or so with the server crashing for no reason and it has been causing problems with the server. Today I discovered what was behind the crashing. It was directly related to the Battlelevels plugin, there was an issue with the SQLite Database file. In order to fix the problem I had to delete the Database file completely and setup a MySQL database instead. Basically this means everyone's BattleLevels progress has been deleted. I have put up a Globalbooster for BattleLevels to help everyone gain their levels back faster then normal.

Drop Party:

On June 8th we will be having a Drop Party to help DarkKilla (Jakub) ring in his 16th birthday! The Drop Party will be taking place at 3pm EST! We will be dropping tons of keys and giving out 1 FREE GOD RANK!

The God Rank will be given out in a Raffle form! If you want to enter the Raffle type your in-game name below.

You can not enter the Raffle if you are staff or already have a God Rank.

Staff Update:

Please congratulate the following members on getting Jr.Mod:

  • boobri455
  • insanegamer52
  • hockeyboy423

Also congratulate the following Jr.Mods on taking the leap to Mod:

  • Ciiarian
  • MinEric200

And finally give a huge round of applause to the following mods on becoming Admin:

  • Emreaela
  • iJustiin

Sorry about the BattleLevel stuff guys but there was literally nothing that I could do about it.


RedSkyGaming Premium RedSkyGaming
ASFbaconbacca Premium ASFbaconbacca
Nemesis353 LegendPremium RomanFury
IP: play.lotgcraft.com
Players Online:
8 / 200
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Sorry but I am not going to block swear words because your mom does not approve. This is a mature server.
hi guys! if you have noticed i have not been online lately it is because my mom hates sware words and she saw 1. mike, perhaps u can block out sware words so i can play lotg again?
I just now realized I'm mod in game but still not even jr.mod on the site. Mike plz.
What the fuck I can't get into the server what's going on?
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