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Holiday Donation Sale!

EqlipseD Owner posted Dec 10, 14

The holidays are coming! You know what the means, Holiday sales in the donation shop!
We will be having a 50% off donation sale until January 3rd!

We here at LOTG hope that everyone has a safe and very happy holiday season!
xDeadlyBob Supreme And a happy new year!

Wipe is complete!

EqlipseD Owner posted Nov 24, 14
The wipe is now complete and it took me 15 seconds according to Bob, one of our Admins, who was timing me!

Few things to remember:

  • We are now forcing everyone to connect with 1.8 clients since we have all 1.8 features, for the most part.
  • Donors will be getting all Kronus, LOTG Champ sets, and w/e comes with their ranks based on the current comparison chart on the donation page. Note to all donors, please do not rush EqlipseD or Merl to give you your bundles back, we have to serve a bunch of you so please be patient it could be a few days before we are able to reach everyone. We will also be checking our records of any purchases made in the shop to be sure that you actually purchased the items.
  • Faction power actually has meaning now, besides just how much land you can claim, it determines if you can overclaim or be overclaimed! So watch your faction power levels people cause you could lose all your stuff in a heartbeat!

So that pretty much sums up the need to know so yeah. HAVE FUN!

- EqlipseD
Just thought for the sake of things I would make a few things clear for everyone wondering about the changes after the wipe since I keep getting a TON of questions almost every day. I am going to list everything out below and hopefully it will help people understand a little better.

We will be "upgrading" to 1.8. It isn't an official version of Bukkit/Spigot but it is a plugin that allows 1.8 clients to connect and allows the server to basically act as a 1.8 server and gives us all the new blocks, mobs, and world generation. So be ready to upgrade your clients!

Changes with factions:
 ·Ability to conquer, also know as overclaiming, will be enabled.
  »Conquering will cost $5,000 per chunk.
 ·Ability to pillage, also know as destroying/griefing, will be enabled.
  »Pillaging will cost $2,500 per chunk.
 ·Buying chunks of land has increased in price slightly.
 » Price per chunk of land will cost $150.
 ·Selling chunks of land has increased in your favor.
  »You will recieve $75 for chunks of land you sell/unclaim back to wilderness.
 ·Enemying a faction will no longer grant you access to their chests.
  »Cost to enemy a faction is now $25,000.
 ·To neutral another faction after enemying/allying has a price now.
  »Cost to nuetral another faction is $15,500.
 ·Faction power has been dropped drastically.
  »10 faction Power per person now.
  »Dying will result in 2 faction power being deducted from your faction.
  »Faction power gain is 2 power per hour.
New commands with Factions:
/f seechunk (Enables you to see chunks around you. Becareful if you have a slower computer, particles are spawned and will lag you slightly)
/f flag <yourfactionname> monsters <yes/no> (Used to enable or disabled monster spawning on your land)

Chests can now be exploded, whether your land is claimed or not the chest will explode and drop all items. CreeperHeal will heal the chest back into place but will not replace any items.
Plugins removed are as follows:
 ·MyPet (Removed for now since we are using a plugin that makes us 1.8)
 · Horses
Plugins added:
 ·Carbon (Gives us 1.8 features, such as block, mobs, and world generation!)
 ·HeadHunter (Drops heads of mobs and players when killed. Head drop is lower for mobs but is 100% for players when killed)
 ·RareItemHunter (Spawn powerfull boss eggs around the spawn, 5k radius to be exact. /ri whatis for more info)
 ·Bloodmoon (Bloodmoon is back! Don't try to dupe items kiddos cause it can wipe the enchants and lores off your items! HAHA)
 ·EnderPearlCoolDown (That's right! There is now a cooldown on the use of ender pearls of 5 seconds NO MORE GLITCHING FOR YOU!)
CreeperHeal now has a heal timer of 30 minutes from the original 15 minutes.

World Borders have changed for the Over World and the Nether.
 ·Over World: 100,000 (Big enough to have exploring room and space from other factions yet small enough to keep raiding and conquering a relevant thing)
 ·Nether: 25,000
Whew, another wall of text! I think I pretty much summed all the changes up but who knows right now, I am so sick I can't tell which way is up right now.


P.S I am going to start playing legitally! So you all get to see how horrible I am at surviving when I have everyone chasing after me. I will also be recording my adventures on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrEqlipseD and streaming as well on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/eqlipsed so please feel free to follow and subscribe because I will be doing events on both for in-game rewards!
bdogroxx SupremePremium I think it is sorta BS that we don't get our power for our rank, and can I buy a new account and u transfer everything t ...
MRLEGOBlox PremiumPrison-Guard Will we still have the faction power boost we got when we bought our rank?
Nikevenom101 SupremeUltimate Don't really agree with enderpearl cooldown. How are we suppose to raid a bedrock/obsidian vault? I think you should ...
I have ended the polls a full week early for a number of reasons. Since the announcement of the polls and the possibility of a wipe the community of LOTG has expressed very openly how much they want this wipe to happen. With the original polls to have been 14 days a lot of people, and myself have become overly eager for the wipe to happen so I am more then happy to oblige and get the ball rolling on this. 

Below are the winning polls that have decided the fate of the LOTG OP Factions server wipe and overall style change.

With the winning polls being announced I will now state the date that I plan on initiating 'Option 3' for the wipe and 'Option 3' for the Factions style.

The date of the wipe will be: Monday, November 24th.

This will give everyone plenty of time to stock their enderchests full of the goods they wish to carry over in the wipe. NOTE: Only the enderchest that is available through a place enderchest (or /enderchest for donors with upgraded enderchests) will be carried over. All donors that have access to /ec or /echest please be aware that extra enderchest will not carry over.

The days leading up to the wipe I will be taking time to download and remove all data from plugins and setting up the new world with the spawn and PvP arena so that the transition will be seamless and smooth for everyone. Even with me taking such steps to assure the wipe to be smooth the server will still be down for quite some times as I will still have to delete over 140gbs of world files from our current OP Factions world saves. I will be announcing when the server will be down and when it is back up on the front page of the website on the day of the wipe. 

Thank you all for voting and choosing what you all believe to be the best choice for the survival and rise of the LOTG OP Factions server.

-Mike (EqlipseD)

Please click 'READ MORE' to understand more about the wipe and Factions restyling below.

MrExtremeMc Ultra Option 1 for the first one, then 3 plz.
MRLEGOBlox PremiumPrison-Guard Sweet, cant wait!
Nikevenom101 SupremeUltimate OPTION 3 AND THEN 4 IF YOU HAVE A SOUL!!!