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OP Factions Drop Party

35% Sale and Server update

EqlipseD Owner posted Sep 21, 15

Such news many wow. Such bad meme's on my part, yes I feel ashamed of myself.

Enough of that lets get down to business! First things first I just want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking by us through thick and thin. If it was not for you loyal players I don't know we would still be around but here we are! Thanks to all of your support we now have 2 new servers open in less then 2 weeks! We now have a Prison server and  Kit PvP server, WOOHOO! Be sure to check them out and the new Hub server to! 

We will be adding in additional servers in the coming weeks as well, MineZ will be coming back with a massive revamp, SkyBlock, and UHC! Keep a look out for those in the next few weeks but please do not pester myself or any other staff about their release date. I work alone on the servers so it will take me some time to get everything in order with my business work schedule and just trying to be a human.

Secondly to celebrate these new servers coming to our network I want to put a sale up for everyone to enjoy and possibly get some new goodies on the new servers for cheap! The sale will last until Oct 18th and it will be 35% off on most items in the donor shop!

RusticDeath1234 ModJr.ModLegendPleb Never realized Mike was a human. :3


EqlipseD Owner posted Sep 8, 15

The MineZ server will be closed until further notice. The reason I am closing it for now is because we do have a revamp close and RetroChrome and his team have been hard at work preparing the MineZ server for everyone but some life issues got in the way so for now it is on hold and it would be almost pointless to continue with the current version of the MineZ server since all will be wiped in the near near future.

Keep a look out on the forums for when it reopens!

World Wipe is complete

EqlipseD Owner posted Sep 5, 15

The World Wipe is now complete.

To sum things up:

  • Main World was wiped
  • The End was wiped
  • The Nether was wiped
  • Creeper Heal was removed
  • All Faction land was unclaimed
  • Main World border shrank to 10k
  • Nether World border shrank to 2.5k
  • Armor and weapons of God Tier and Champion Tier have been upgraded

All of that has been completed and rolled out for the wipe.

Here are some random updates for the server itself:

  • MyPet has been removed due to a player abusing a massive duplication glitch and duping several sets of LOTG armor and LOTG Keys and who knows what else. This player has been permanently banned from the server. Those who have duped items are asked to surrender them or possibly find themselves banned as well.
  • To help deal with the duplication glitch Champion Keys have been changed. If you have legit Champion keys an Admin will be glad to help exchange them for you. If we believe you have an unlegit amount of keys we will confiscate them from you and possible ban you for withholding unlegit items.

If you are a donor and are looking to get your Champion Keys refunded to you please wait patiently for EqlipseD to be able to give them to you, he may be all mysterious and pop up out of no where but that doesn't mean he is glued to the server. He kind of sorta has a life... sorta.

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You get God items, they look like regular items and tools but they are enchanted.
Help i got 11t and 18t kit from god crate and gave me nothing?
Hi im new
Erm Mike... Why did you ban me?
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