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Updates and News

EqlipseD Owner posted Aug 21, 15

Hello everyone!

I have some updates and add-ons to announce to everyone. I have been busy the past few days working on somethings to improve the server. I also removed some plugins that were really not being used as well. I have made a legend to make it easier to understand what is going on.


[+] Added

[-] Removed

[*] Adjusted

[~] Future

[+] Added Infernal Mobs to the server. What this does is add in Boss mobs that are EXTREMELY strong and will give even the most skilled and geared out player a run for their money. The mobs have a chance to drop some really OP custom Potions and OP gear. These mobs can and will spawn randomly throughout every world and will most likely ruin your day if you are not prepared!

[+] Added a Combat Indicator that shows the damage that you are dealing to mobs and players via little holograms . It also shows their health gain if a potion is used or food is used on a player.

[+] Added in 2 plugins that show and make sound when you are taking damage! Your screen will show with a blood effect and your can hear your "heart" start to pound when you take damage. Both slowly fade away after time when you are no longer taking damage.

[+] Added in mcMastery. This plugin brings a new aspect of RPG that mcMMO does not bring and they work very well together. Here is what mcMastery brings to the table:

  • Proness: Increase outgoing damage.
  • Fortitude: Decrease incoming damages.
  • Precision: Chances of double damage.
  • Agility: Chances of negating most damage.
  • Impact: Chances of knocking back your enemies.

Skill points are focused around battle stats so you can't just grind them out you need to actually fight and win to gain skill points. Access your skill points easily by doing /mcmastery and use the easy GUI to add your skills!

[*] God rank will be changing to Boss rank

[*] Boss+ (God+) ranks now have the ability to use color codes in Anvils

[*] God keys will appear 75% less in the Champion Crates

[*] It is now 2.5x easier to gain Battle Levels

[*] Enderman have been nerfed  -3.0x for Battle Level gains due to Enderman farms

[~] Once we are able to get some more donations in we will be adding in a mini-game plugin called Faction Wars, it is a premium plugin and it has a 1 time purchase cost to obtain it. This plugin essentially sets up to Factions to war it out on a set map with set weapons of my choosing. Winner gets points and moves up in the leader boards! This plugin is going to be a ton of fun and I can't wait to get it!

[~] OITC/OITQ will be coming back to LOTG in the next few days! I will try and get at least 1 map out this weekend so that everyone can use it and get the feel

[~] God & Champion items will be getting a revamp next week. Their stats will change COMPLETELY! Unfortunately I can not change items that are currently out in the world and before you ask NO exchanges will be made. The only exception is that people who have purchased LOTG keys will have their keys refunded to them fully. Here are the future stats:

  • Leather: 5, Gold: 10, Chain: 15, Iron: 20, Diamond: 25, and Champion 35.

After those stats are release approximately 30 days later we will be changing the stats once again raising them a bit more to these stats:

  • Leather: 10, Gold: 15, Chain: 20, Iron: 25, Diamond: 30, and Champion 40.

The second stat boost will be the last. Donors who donated for Champion keys before the first boost will NOT receive a key refund but donors who donated for Champion keys in between the 1st and 2nd boost will.

[-] Removed Factions Mobs

[-] Removed Factions Maps

That is everything I have been doing the past few days. I want to keep a log like this more often because I do change quite a bit and I want you all to see how much work I actually put into the server.

I also have a proposal that I want to announce to everyone. There will be a poll posted on Saturday on the home page of our website. Many players and staff have been pestering me about doing a world wipe, I don't know how everyone feels about this but I want feed back from the community. Here is what will happen if there were to be a world wipe:

  • Inventories and Enderchests will be carried over
  • Most plugin data will be wiped. i.e: mcMMO stats and such will be kept. (Economies may or may not be wiped due to the fact that homes and balances are stored in the same file as each other.
  • World border will be dropped to 10k from 35k and will increase 1k every other month.
  • Creeper heal will be removed.

Those are the stipulations that I present to you if there is to be a world wipe. I will lay our 3 options for the poll, Yes, No, and No Just Remove Creeperheal. Once again the poll will go up tomorrow (Saturday 8/21/15) in the afternoon.

WE REACHED OUR DONATION GOAL! WOOHOO! Since we reached our goal we will be having 2 Drop Parties this month! One on the 29th and then another on the 30th! Be ready guys because it is going to be AWESOME!

If you have questions ask them below and I will try and get to them as soon as I can.


whiteXD12 Premium
whiteXD12 @ OP Factions
Anyways, when will the action take place? And Btw, the stuff you bought form market listings... in market mail, do those ...
whiteXD12 Premium
whiteXD12 @ OP Factions
guys, when it said, Inventories and Enderchests will be carried over, those that mean /echest too? for plebs/member?
TBNRfrags Premium um guys... what is this server about? just curious

End of SUMMER sale!

EqlipseD Owner posted Aug 5, 15

I know for many of you school has started, starting in a few days, or a few weeks so to ring in the school year we will be having a sale on all items up to 40% off select items until September 10th!

I hope many of you will stick around and continue to play LOTG while in school but if you are not able to, you will be missed and we hope you come back as soon as you can!

Myself and some other staff were thinking about adding in a system to reward players that stick around based on their report cards. If we decide to do this we will be posting more information on it at a later date here on the website!

Have fun with the last few days of summer everyone!


Expanded World Border

EqlipseD Owner posted Aug 5, 15

Today marks the day that we will expand the world border beyond 30k! The border will not be expanded by a great deal, only 5k but it will be enough to give some more area for players to explore and to spawn in new ruins to be found!

This will become a regular occurrence every other month or so. Keep a look out here on the website for news and updates on expansions!


IP: play.lotgcraft.com
Players Online:
7 / 200
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