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We are going to start closing our doors, not completely but we are going to start to close down some of the servers on our network and we will also be abandoning the idea of having a SkyBlock and UHC servers on our network. KitPVP is simply closing because of the lack of players so might as well free up some resources. Next in line after that would be Factions since I am completely fed up with the server and how bad it has failed and I believe I can do much better with the right tools and time. I am sorry I know it is upsetting to a lot of you that remain but you have to look at it from my perspective. I have been working on the same base for a little over 2 years and it has literally gotten myself and the server no where. Do not fret about it much I have a plan that will introduce a new base for the server that will make it really unique and keep players coming back for me. Just a small leak of info about it, there will be over 100 custom enchants and they will keep expanding every month =D.

MineZ and Prison will remain open. MineZ is our Co-Owners baby and he wishes for me to continue working on it. Him and I both believe that there is a lot that can happen with MineZ and has great potential to make a great gamemode for everyone. Prison, simply put, is popular with people that still remain and the grindy aspect can be rewarding and I have a lot of work I need to put in still since I never quite finished it. Sorry about that I have just been very busy with life and work.

Since there has been literally no donations coming in for the server and without donations we can not stay open. If this does not change, even in small amounts, my plans and outlooks for the server will not matter since we will have to simply close our doors because we can not pay the server bill. As it is I am looking for a new server host that we can go to that will be cheap but still allow me to fully control everything without being in a crappy box hosting situation. So anything that you can donate is amazing since I really do not want to close down I love making servers for people to enjoy and being able to play with all of you makes my days so much better.

Spreading word about us to your friends and other forums and such also helps a ton since I can not figure out how to advertise us anymore since we are on the biggest Minecraft server sites as it is.

Anyway thanks for reading this and keep checking back for updates, if all goes well there will be some big updates.

_Valll_ BossLegendPleb I forgot my password to /login and I tried to visit today but no one was on... Lol
RaNdOmG Jr.ModPleb I try and spread the word about LOTG as much as I can is OP factions doesn't work out maybe normal factions with custum ...
RaNdOmG Jr.ModPleb Man this is upsetting :( I love the community I put a lot of work into factions even though its been dead... I understan ...

Drop Party is canceled.

EqlipseD Owner posted Oct 31, 15

There is not enough people online to do a drop party. Sorry everyone.

35% Sale and Server update

EqlipseD Owner posted Sep 21, 15

Such news many wow. Such bad meme's on my part, yes I feel ashamed of myself.

Enough of that lets get down to business! First things first I just want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking by us through thick and thin. If it was not for you loyal players I don't know we would still be around but here we are! Thanks to all of your support we now have 2 new servers open in less then 2 weeks! We now have a Prison server and  Kit PvP server, WOOHOO! Be sure to check them out and the new Hub server to! 

We will be adding in additional servers in the coming weeks as well, MineZ will be coming back with a massive revamp, SkyBlock, and UHC! Keep a look out for those in the next few weeks but please do not pester myself or any other staff about their release date. I work alone on the servers so it will take me some time to get everything in order with my business work schedule and just trying to be a human.

Secondly to celebrate these new servers coming to our network I want to put a sale up for everyone to enjoy and possibly get some new goodies on the new servers for cheap! The sale will last until Oct 18th and it will be 35% off on most items in the donor shop!

EPICdutchCrafter Pleb can there be an ban refresh?
whiteXD12 Pleb Eqlipse, no need to thank us, without your hard work, we wouldn't be here to have fun and release stress from work ...
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